Diagnostics Reagent Bottles
Pharma Packing Products
Fine Chemicals Packaging
Pharmaceuticals Container
Ayurvedic Medicine Container
Dropper Bottles
Milk Bottles
Shampoo & Cosmetic Bottles
Urine Stripe Bottles
Disposable Laboratoryware
All Kinds of Engineering Componants
General Plastic Item
Spray Nozzels
Plastic Moulds

We are making Plastic Bottles & Closers for Diagnostics Reagent, Pharmaceuticals Tablets & Syrup, Bottles for Ayurvedic Churn & Medicine, Container for Homeopathy Pills , Bottles for Cosmetics & Hair Oil. Etc.

We are making all types of Injection Moulding Articles , Blow Moulding Articles & Moulds. We are processing all type of Engineering Material like Nylon, Glass-Field Nylon, Delrina, HIPS, ABS, TPU, TPR , etc. We are specialized in developing any kind of Engineering Component as per requirement of Client, Drawing & Specification.
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